Bravery: Overcoming fear

We are afraid of everything; dying, losing a loved one, being fired from a job, being homeless, the dark, the day, friendship, hardship, loneliness, and many other things that we individually fear.

There is no right way to overcome them, there is no wrong way either, but there is a way, there always is.

When we were young, we experienced our first fear to be of the dark or monsters, but we overcame those fears because we knew, that our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, will always be around to protect us. We knew that they wouldn’t let anything happen to us, they would comfort us and sing songs to help us relax and not be afraid, because the boogeyman can’t hurt them. You would always wonder why when you were running on the sidewalk, climbing up a high place, or doing something you would consider ridiculous to even think of doing today, your mom or dad would tell you to stop it or be careful; you would always think that they don’t want you to have fun, but the real reason was, because we didn’t know that they feared the harm or death of us. The people who protect us from monsters and bad people have a fear and they do such a good job of hiding that fear, they’d make sure everyday that we lived, we lived knowing that they care and are afraid to lose us.

There are two kinds of fear, Permanent and Temporary. Permanent fears are fears that will always be inside of our hearts and sitting in the back of heads for all eternity. Temporary fears are fears that will eventually perish and disappear into non-existence.

Example of Permanent Fear: We will always fear knowing that one day we will die at any moment. This is something we are unable to stop, because it is going to happen regardless of what we do.

Example of Temporary Fear: We will sometimes fear  things in life like sky diving, failing a test, but these fears are temporary, because once we’ve given them a try we aren’t afraid of them any more. We’ve overcome this fear.

How we overcome fear is to see how we perceive the idea of it. When did I become afraid of this/that and why am I afraid of it? These two questions should always come to mind, they will help you find a solution to your particular fear(s). When you ask yourself this, you will take the time to slowly remove this idea and it will become clearer why it even came to exist. Taking these steps will assist you in your endeavor to be stronger than the fears that weigh on you.

When I was young I used to always be afraid of sleeping, so I would stay up late and watch television and wait until it was daylight then go to sleep. I was afraid because of the fear that that guy kills you in your sleep would come and kill me in my sleep. I shouldn’t have watch Nightmare on Elm Street, I had nightmares all the time and would be afraid that the man would eventually kill me in my dreams. I overcame this fear when I remembered why I was afraid, I was afraid because my sister told that he would get me if I didn’t listen to her, I would always not listen to her, and would not sleep at night; I finally made the choice to sleep and relax, that’s when my fear of this man faded, because I knew he wasn’t real and I didn’t have to listen to my sister. I eventually became a pro at sleeping, gained the ability to lucid dream making my nightmares nothing more than a story to be told.

Why fears become so powerful, is because like a bully, we enable them to be. If we take a breath and look at them in a different view, we can overcome them and forget that we were ever afraid to sleep, to have fun, to make friends, etc.