Believing: What is the spirit?

Everyone has their own conception of what the spirit is, whether it is taken religiously, scientifically, psychologically, etc. The idea of the spirit is that it is part of the body that with inevitably leave the body, when the body has reached a point of decay. Well, the spirit is also apart of the essence of being able to believe in yourself and push yourself to achieve the goals that you have aimed for.

We all had dreams growing up, we all had some idea of what we wanted to do, when we became adults. There are a lot of people who have never been given this opportunity because of the oppression of their living area, the surrounding influences and the lack of educational knowledge. This oppressed people don’t know that they are oppressed. They have the ability to do whatever they want, but it’s the spirit that is weak, because they weren’t taught conviction and discipline. The body is able, but with a spirit that is weak, the body is unable to operate as commanded.

Take for example: Your Ankle is sprained. This means you will not be able to walk properly. Why? Because the tendon is damaged to a point where even if you were to stand on your foot, the pressure being placed is more than enough to cause pain to you. For your ankle, the tendon is its spirit. It is damaged and weak, but if you treat it and help it, it will heal and will allow you to walk again.

If you keep damaging your spirit, you will be unable to do anything, you will allow yourself to become weak and will eventually fall victim to toxic desires, such as: Drugs, Alcohol, Fighting, Hate, Etc. With a strong spirit you will be able to overcome these obstacles. The spirit allows us to heal, forgive, and become stronger in every aspect as a person.

The people who are oppressed aren’t necessarily oppressed by a different race, but themselves. They keep trying to blame others for what is going on. Yes, so many years ago, these things happened, but we can’t continue to blame others for our own well-being, our own welfare, our own health. These are things we have control over. We can’t keep seeking compensation, the thing that we compensated from all of this is, that we can become strong and we will continue to strive. We have to build our spirit and treat it, don’t poison it, don’t hurt it, but love it and help it heal.

“When we all grow older, we will realize that true happiness is not money, land, race, color, but love and truthfulness.”