Changes: What they mean

A lot of people don’t understand what change is, or what type of change is being made, because they blinded by the fact that they get paid to sign a contract. In the end they are going to lose more than they would ever imagine. Take all the treaties for example. Our ancestors signed these treaties to help the future of us all, but they didn’t know the negative impact these treaties would have on their people, they believed that they were going to help us. We can’t blame them for the good that they had in their hearts, for the damage that resulted from it.

An enormous amounts of native americans are on welfare, diabetic, sick, and letting the very thing that destroyed our culture control them. There are those that still have some of the old teachings, but don’t teach for the sake of passing this knowledge on, they teach to seek benefit and payment. They don’t know how crucial it is for our people to regain this knowledge and grow up with it.

When an animal disappears from this world, it is called extinct, that’s what’s happening to our language and traditional teachings they are going extinct, just like animals today. If we really do have pride in who we are as people and as natives of this country, we will do what’s best for all of us, not just the people we like. We are being disconnected from our feelings for mother earth and for our culture with the corruption that continuously eats at our leaders and young ones. If we really a people that believes that there is a greater being that made this land, for us to give and take, then we must do so. Because, all we ever do is take, we never give. If we really passionate about the traditions that have been passed on for many generations, we will pass them on without asking for something in return.

The reason we hunt is because we need food to feed our loved ones and strengthen our bond with nature.

Let’s teach our young ones and ourselves that we don’t need to always take, we need to give.


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